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  • What is Arbitraging?

    Arbitrage strategies and activities to ensure long term stable profits.
    Token Growth
    Through limited supply securing demand for fintech services.
    Depth, knowledge and expertise a synergy of developers and traders well versed in arbitrage strategies.
    Complete Control
    Smart contract based ecosystem supporting the realisation of a user controlled fully decentralised platform.
    Complete Transparency
    Your mBOT's trading operation can be seen on the blockchain with all activity recorded on Etherscan.
    Challenge market perceptions and become a leader in long term sustainable investments.

    Our Aim Is Simple

    Put Our Investors First And Ensure They Are Rewarded With Realistic Sustainable Profits.


    The philosophy behind the Arbitrage software is to automatically profit from temporary price differences between exchanges while being market-neutral. Unlike other legacy systems, Arbitrage’s aBot doesn't sell but actually short sells designated cryptocurrencies on the short exchange, this feature offers two important advantages.

    First, the strategy is always market-neutral, meaning as the cryptocurrency market's moves (up or down) it doesn't impact the strategy of returns. In simple terms, this removes a huge amount of risk from the platform’s overall return strategy as the market could suddenly lose half its value and this won't make any difference in the strategy returns.

    Second, the aBOT's strategy doesn't need to transfer cryptofunds (e.g. BTC, LTC or Fiat) between cryptocurrency exchanges.
    The buy/sell and sell/buy opposing trade activities are done in parallel on two different exchanges, independently.

    In terms of configuration, the proprietary arbitrage software made available to investors comes in two simple options.

    First: Conveniently designated as the automatic, or aBoT utilises key trade parameters set for the adopted cryptocurrency with daily profits delivered in ARB directly to a compatible ERC20 based wallet.

    Second: A manual option, mBOT permits ARB token holders the ability to perform user-controlled arbitrage trades.
    mBOT gives users access to a visual interface (i.e vBoT) within the dashboard where live arbitrage opportunities can be monitored, assessed and appropriate trigger parameters can be made real-time to perform trades within set guidelines.

    Revolutionary Decentralised Platform

    Arbitraging ecosystem is collection of unique products and capabilities that is structured to realise the decentralised nature of the exchange and access to the Arbitrage BoT financial trading technology. The platform architecture either leverages the full scope of the Arbitrage Trading BoT (as detailed earlier) or provides unique storage and management functionality for the investor.

    The proprietary decentralized blockchain provides a seamless approach to arbitrage fintech services by combining a number of noteworthy innovations from token storage and management, and a number of integrated functional services. Whatever the investor experience level, the interface has been designed to be accessible (i.e. mobile and desktop environments) with simplicity and functionality in mind. It focuses on features that will enable easy transactions and subsequent tracking, and the ability to use ARB Tokens to access internal products and future projects.

    ARB asset management and storage options can be simply divided into two levels: external wallets for long-term storage and dedicated digital wallet apps. The decentralised nature of the exchange enables ARB stored on any external ERC20 compatible wallets (e.g. MyEtherWallet or MetaMask). This ensures that tokens are always held separate and furthermore when the Arbitrage trading BoT is active, those tokens are sent to an external cold storage wallet and the daily profits are sent back to the designated external wallet. Alternatively, the dedicated ARB-wallet application (currently under development) will be able to exchange directly with the ARB Trading platform thereby significantly reducing funds transfer and transaction latency. This integrated concept will also eventually feature for the ardent crypto investor, compatibility with hard-storage devices such as the Trezor and Nano-Ledger.

    In summary the Arbitraging ecosystem presents an innovative approach to a complex crypto-trading strategy that is characterised by a proprietary ERC20 based decentralized blockchain, token management system and fully integrated external wallet and hard storage technologies.

    We WILL revolutionize the investment platform industry and we are certain the community will transition to using aBOT and mBOT.
    ARB will be the game changer in the market and lead the way for investors.

    Control Your Own Money – Make Your Own Profit – Be Your Own Boss

    Why Invest in ARBITRAGING?

    Buying a coin/token in one exchange at a low price and instantly selling it in another exchange for a higher price to immediately lock in a profit! The ARB Arbitrage software will only buy a coin/token if it can sell it instantly for a profit – this means Your Trade Is Not Designed To Make A Loss.

    When using aBOT, your daily arbitrage trade profits will be paid to you in ARB.
    You will be able to unlock your capital deposit of ARB back in the form of ARB at the current market value any time, you can choose to stay running with aBOT and continue receiving daily arbitrage trade profits or end using aBOT at anytime.

    We are also introducing our custom mBOT - Manual BOT which will allow ARB token holders the ability to perform Arbitrage trades and keep most of the profits produced.
    Token holders will have free access to mBOT to start generating profits.
    With mBOT you will have a dashboard where you can view live arbitrage opportunities and then set your triggers to perform trades within the guidelines - giving you complete control.

    With only a total of 8.7 million coins and BOT software that is already operating on the Blockchain, ARB will follow in the footsteps of Neil Armstrong. The coin is projected to appreciate strongly so choosing to HODL ARB is a profitable option.

    You earn 5% commission of your referrals profits made with aBOT or mBOT by any person you refer. Building a network of referrals is key to benefit from this opportunity. The large investor demand for both aBOT and mBOT will allow referrers to earn significant commission.

    The program was designed to ensure all individuals promoting and marketing ARB can earn a large number of coins without having to spend a cent. For more information on how you can benefit from the Bounty Program please visit our official Telegram channel at

    Arbitrage Performance

    Daily profit amounts are not guaranteed and are only paid when aBOT generates a profit from Arbitrage trading. However it is possible for aBOT to generate an average of 30% a month.

    Trade 1
    Trade 2
    Trade 3
    Trade 4
    Trade 5

    For continued use of our BOTs you will receive fee discounts as shown below. (Average industry fee is 20%). Please note: You are never locked in to using our BOTs, giving you the freedom to withdraw your funds at any time. Example: If you profit 100$ you pay a 3$ fee.

    aBot - Investment Daily Profit Share Locking Period
    $250 - No Limit Daily Profit Rates Vary No Locks

    mBot - Investment Profit Per Trade Locking Period
    $500 - $100.000 Daily Profit Trade Rates Vary No Locks

    BOT Usage Fee On Profits
    1-30 Days 3.0%
    31-60 Days 2.9%
    61-90 Days 2.8%
    90+ Days 2.7%

    Try aBOT Profit Calculator

    Enter $ Amount:

    Select Days (1 - 90)

    Total Estimated Profit (USD):

    Profits levels are not guaranteed but this calculator provides estimations based on previous performances and does not reflect reinvesting.

    ARB Token technical specifications

    Technical Specifications and distribution

    Platform Ethereum Blockchain
    Algorithm PoW
    Symbol ARB
    Token Name ARBITRAGE
    Total Supply 8,708,821 ARB
    Ethereum Verified YES (Check on EtherScan)

    ARB RoadMap

    Our plans, vision and aim for the Arbitraging Platform

    • ARB Token Pre-Sale

      Advertising on Startup listing websites

    • ARB Token Sale

      Initial Token Offering of ARB tokens, marketing and promotion

      Started worldwide marketing campaign

      vBOT released (arbitrage Vision bot)


      Ending the Initial Token Offering and launching the first step of production

    • Starting the Training for aBOT

      Releasing guides and training materials for novice-intermediary traders to learn how to trade cryptocurrency assets on different exchanges

      Releasing guides on how to use aBOT

      Indepth video overview on aBOT

    • Launching aBOT

      Launch fully functional aBOT

      Users can start/stop using it anytime

      aBOT will run on up to 50 exchanges


      Release internal exchange on platform

      Minimum fees, P2P exchange

    • Starting the Training for mBOT

      Releasing guides on how to use mBOT

      Indepth video overview on mBOT

      Releasing guides on how to use use API

      Worldwide mBOT marketing campaign


      Launch fully functional mBOT on up to 5 exchanges

      Increase buy/sell signals exponentially

      Increasing the amount of exchanges by up to 10 over time

    • List ARB on external exchanges

      List ARB token on up to 3 exchanges: Yobit, CoinExchange and Etherdelta

      List ARB token on CoinMarketCap

    • Launching ARB dedicated wallet

      Hardware wallet compatability

      Trezor, Ledger Nano, Etc.

    • Worldwide marketing expansion

      Marketing expansion to promote Arbitraging

      Expand promotional team to support worldwide growth

    • Future roadmap to be released

    Platform Progress

    ARB Platform Progress Completion

    ARB Dedicated Wallets




    Android & IOS APP


    ARB Token Sale (Over)




    ARB Internal Exchange


    Commission Program

    ARB Commission Program

    ARB Affiliate Program allows users to refer family, friends and other investors that want to invest in our platform and gain additional commission income from their bot investments.

    ABOT/MBOT Commission Program BONUS : 5%


    Our Team

    The Arbitraging Team and their vision demonstrates a business model with depth and expertise well suited to engage in activities that include corporate governance, foreign relations, marketing, arbitrage trading and research and development. The synergy of the team is clearly visible within the company structure and demonstrates the scale of qualified professional depth invested towards the realization of arbitrage trading within cryptocurrency realm.

    Arbitraging has challenged the cryptocurrency market place attitude and legacy business practices that corporate governance necessitates anonymity with a ground-breaking step offering full disclosure and transparency of both the leadership and development team. This has massive implications in the market place that can only serve to cement itself both as a market leader and pioneer in the crypto trading realm but also at the same time serve to remove destabilizing anonymous style platforms.


    Frequently asked Questions about the ARB Platform

    A: mBOT will allow ARB token holders the ability to perform user controlled arbitrage trades. With mBOT you will have a dashboard where you can view live arbitrage opportunities and then set your triggers to perform trades inside the guidelines. To use mBOT you will turn ARB into available fiat then perform arbitrage trades and then withdraw your capital and profits in the form of ARB. This product will drive the value of ARB for the future. Estimated launch of member used mBOT is Q2 2018.

    A: This investment option involves profiting from our proprietary arbitrage software. When using aBOT you will receive daily profits delivered in ARB directly to your external wallet. You will be able to withdraw your CAPITAL BACK in the form of ARB at current market value any time. We will only pay with profits that our custom software produces, we do not have MLM and this will allow our arbitrage platform to be a long sustaining platform.

    A: This is the process of taking 1 item from 1 source and selling it at another source for a profit. We have one of the most sophisticated arbitrage bots that can make this process a seamless experience by creating the most value for our investors. Instead of normal trading bots that need the price of the market to move in order to make profits, arbitrage offers a steady income because it focuses on the trade transaction itself to make money. Arbitrage can make money even in a falling market, this will provide more consistent profits for ARB investors.

    A: The answer is simple. We decided that we wanted to have a brand that is our own and can be more accepted in mainstream markets.

    A: Simply by registering at

    A: We are working on delivering you a dedicated wallet for ARB, this will come in the near future.

    A: Token specs : Symbol : ARB, Decimal : 18, Token contract address: 0xafbec4d65bc7b116d85107fd05d912491029bf46

    A: Yes, our Smart Contract is not just “working”, but it’s the most sophisticated out of all crypto investing platforms. Our whole ICO process will be managed directly by the Smart Contract.

    A: 5% for bot use - One Level. Period. No MLM.

    A: We let you decide that on your own, we cannot and will never force anyone in any way to invest. Only invest after researching and making an educated decision.

    A: No, you can invest any amount over 250$.

    A: Yes you can get a reduced fee for continued use on any of your aBOT investments. The % you get is a form of discount from profit fees. So your profit boost comes out of our pocket and not from thin air.

    A: We do not have any standard locking periods.

    A: Yes, we are realistic when making predictions, these are vague sounding but in reality we will keep you updated with more specific dates as we get close to them. The time lines listed are very padded most of what you see will happen sooner. We do not want to set exact dates until we know exact dates, we do not want to let our investors down in any way. So from the beginning we are honest with this, will update our roadmap over time as well.

    A: We created the ARB platform so your external ARB, MyEtherWallet or MetaMask will simply read on our platform, you will never have to hold your funds on our platform. You will never have to deposit on ARB platform, meaning you will never have to worry about being able to withdraw. Our exchange will also allow members to buy and sell ARB tokens directly to and from each other. When you invest with aBOT you will simply send your ARB to an external cold storage and your daily returns will be send back to your MyEtherWallet or MetaMask.

    A: No. ARB members can choose whether to specify their real name on public profile or remain known as a pseudonym. If you wish to use your authentic name and verify your identity with ARB system, that would be more desirable. When you stand behind your ARB activity with an authentic name, our community is more accountable overall.

    A: Yes. We have something that most of other generic platforms don’t. Highly dedicated, very powerful servers that give users seamless experience under any conditions.

    A: The team behind ARB consists of highly skilled individuals, experts and professionals in tech development & arbitrage trading. We know how to set up and maintain a long-term investment platform. We have built a business model that allows us to become the most sustainable arbitrage.

    A: Yes, our software is actually based on a great open sourced bot called blackbird. We have tailored this software to work on more exchanges and blockchain pairs and we will continue to add pairs in the future. We feel that our custom software is one of the best arbitrage software’s in the world.

    A: As a company we have limited funds we can use to trade. By offering the software to the public we can trade with more money from which we can charge a small fee on all profits made. This way we actually make more profit by sharing the software with investors and Arbitraging more money as opposed to just Arbitraging with company funds.